Audio & Video Calibration

From whole house audio to outdoor displays,

we help your audio and video gear reach its full potential

Barrett's Technology Solutions Audio & Video CalibrationNot only does Barrett’s Technology Solutions install an audio/video system right, but we do so to the highest specifications, ensuring it not only looks good but sounds great, and is easy to use too. However, just having your audio/video gear installed correctly doesn’t necessarily mean that it is performing at its full potential. That’s why we offer professional audio & video calibration services.


Unless the room you put your gear in was specifically designed from the ground up to be a listening room, it’s more than likely going to have an effect on the performance of your system. Most people have their media rooms set up in their central family room, which contains everything from windows, to vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, and a variety of design features that create reflections and can alter the sound from when it is produced to when it reaches your ears. Our expert team of system integrators has the experience necessary to tweak your room’s acoustics while embracing and complimenting the natural décor.


Most receivers have some type of built in calibration software, but this is never as effective as having your system balanced by a trained professional. A receiver will account for the size of your speakers, the crossover frequency of your subwoofer, the distance they sit from the listening area, and sound pressure levels, but we can do much more than this.

Many of the receivers we sell and install at Barrett’s contain software that allow our trained technicians to go in and adjust the equalization to compensate for a less than ideal environment. We use meters and test tone generators to monitor and measure the frequencies, identifying which need to be boosted or dialed back. We can also adjust the equalization so that when you are listening to the system at lower volume levels, you will not lose any of the low-end sound frequencies coming from your subwoofer.

ISF Calibration

ISF calibration helps home video displays deliver the best possible image quality. Many consumers don’t realize that most televisions and home video systems display inaccurate images when first installed; whether that’s due to boosted brightness, contrast or color settings, these installed devices need a bit of tweaking and love before they offer up the perfect image. Professional ISF calibration corrects errors such as distorted picture geometry, artificially sharp edges, and even overemphasized red tones.

Trust your sound and picture to us, we’re the experts.