System Design

Seamlessly blending technology with aesthetic design

Barrett's Technology Solutions System Design

The most important element of our smart home and commercial technology installations is the design – at Barrett’s Technology Solutions we strive to create technologically savvy spaces that effortlessly compliment your environment. That means no messy wires, no large boxes, and no bulky remotes lying around. Simple, clean, and elegant is our motto.

The more the technology is hidden, the better, that way it becomes a natural, intuitive part of your life. From improving the security, energy efficiency, and entertainment features within a home to optimizing workflow and enhancing the customer experience of a business, Barrett’s prides itself on designing advanced electronic systems that truly provide added value.

Additionally, our highly-skilled team of installers and programmers also boast years of experience working with some of the regions top builders, architects, and interiors designers. So if you’re working on a new construction project or remodel, rest-assured that our integration professionals have what it takes to craft an elegant system that respects your design values.