Barrett’s Technology Solutions Offers the Savant Experience

Barrett’s Technology Solutions recently partnered with Savant, who is pioneering the use of Apple-based control and automation solutions. Home automation allows you to enact multiple functions in your home with the push of a button. Being an Apple-based system, Savant allows users to control their entire house with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Four members of the Barrett’s team recently paid a visit to the Savant Experience Center (for your own tour of the experience, watch the video above). Savant purchased a loft in downtown Manhattan and decked it out with a complete automation system to show clients and dealers some of the amazing possibilities of this technology.

“The Savant Experience Center demonstrated the ultimate in luxury electronics and home automation,” said Danny Carroll, Technology Consultant. “It was extremely impressive to see many of the best products in the industry working harmoniously together and being seamlessly controlled from an iPad!”

The Savant Experience Center is located at 561 Broadway, in New York city, but you can experience it today at Barrett’s Technology Solutions.

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