Home Theater- From Start to Finish

If you’re looking for someone to manage your project from start to finish, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the result, there’s no better place than Barrett’s Technology Solutions.
A client who had done business with Barrett’s in the past, returned to their store when he was in the middle of remodeling his basement. “He wanted us to install a personal theater, not just a media room,” remembers Mark Folkers, Project Administrator. “He had seen our showroom and knew he wanted a ‘statement’ theater, but was looking for our guidance in designing it.”

The Process

The first step in the process involved a walkthrough of the space where Barrett’s made recommendations on what could be done. The client then came back to the store for a demonstration of a custom theater room. “When they saw the presentation,” Folkers adds, “they said, ‘We have to have that.’”
Once the client had a clear vision for what the theater would be, it was time for Barrett’s to meet with the company in charge of the remodel. “We reviewed the builder’s plans, talked about the requirements for electrical service, the riser design, lighting and other design issues for the theater,” Folkers states.
Barrett’s project management team kept in close contact with the remodeler. When the room was completed and painted, Barrett’s came in to integrate the electronics, complete the programming, and install the acoustic treatments.

The Room

The entire room is treated with acoustic sound panels. The first function of these is to optimize the acoustics of the room to enhance the performance of the speakers. A home theater isn’t a recording studio though. The homeowners wanted an elegant retreat to enjoy movies, video games, and high definition television.
“The room looks great. It is quite dark with splashes of color. The client took my recommendation to make it both dark and neutral in order to maximize the picture contrast and color accuracy,” Folkers describes. “The acoustic panels fill almost all of the space between the columns from floor to ceiling. There is a step up to the riser on each side of the front row of chairs with a light in it.”

The Equipment

The aesthetics were the key with this theater. The only major equipment visible in the room are the projector and 115” screen. The system utilizes an anamorphic lens and screen masking. This ensures that whatever aspect the image they’re watching is in, a maximum amount of the screen surface is being used.
There are seven channels of audio with two subwoofers. With that many speakers you could crowd up a room fast, but all three fronts and both subwoofers are built into the walls. The front speakers are actually behind the screen making them completely invisible.
The equipment that drives the system is in a custom rack in another room. A radio frequency remote controls everything, including the lights, which automatically dim when the client pushes “Play.”

The Result

The theater room is used to host sporting events and movie nights with the family. “When the project was completed, the clients invited the staffs of the builder and us over one evening for an open house,” Folkers said. “Everyone was impressed with the way it turned out.”
This theater is just one example of why people always come back to Barrett’s Technology Solutions. They’re the experts in designing, installing, and managing your home entertainment projects.

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