Energy efficiency, conservation and improving technologies are at the forefront of constructing and utilizing electronics these days. While most companies Barretts Home Theater Chicago partners with, are leaders in using energy efficient components in their manufacturing processes, many have taken it a step further by ensuring the products they sell at Barretts Home Theater Chicago locations are packaged to reduce waste, recycled at the end of their lifespan and use less energy to operate over a longer course of time. In addition, companies such as Sharp and Hitachi, both seen at Barretts Home Theater Chicago showrooms, have taken the word “GREEN” to a new dimension. Sharp and Hitachi have built design and manufacturing facilities that are using energy efficient technologies including solar and cogeneration systems, thereby reducing the need to buy energy from outside grids, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Hitachi’s products are rated using eight criteria, including resource reduction, product longevity, resource recycling, and ease of decomposition, to name a few. Their products are shown in catalogs and websites with an ‘eco-products’, accounting for 83 percent of total net sales across all departments.

Sharp, along with two other electronic companies, established a new electronic product recycling management company, Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company to manage collection and recycling in the U.S.

Thanks to these innovations and progressive initiatives from both companies to create energy efficient, long lasting products, the number of LCDs televisions (manufactured by both companies) sold at Barretts Home Theater Chicago has increased; LCD, liquid crystal display is a thin, flat display devise made up of color or monochrome pixels. It utilizes battery powered electronics because it uses smaller amounts of electric power. LCDs produce bright images with same resolution as plasma television. The life span and reduced heat emission while operating is a real plus for eco-conscience consumers, with the average lifespan of new LCDs televisions ranging from 60,000 hours to 80,000 hours.

According to Ross DiGiacomo, a veteran salesman at Barretts Home Theater in Naperville, Illinois, customers are beginning to request the more energy efficient products; “most of our company’s panels are becoming Energy Star compliant, such as Sony, LG, Pioneer Elite to name a few; customers are asking for such products and manufactures are producing them because of the increased costs of energy.”

DiGiacomo believes Barretts Home Theater sells a bit more plasmas than LCD’s but the gap is closing. “LCD has come on strong recently due to coming out sooner with the higher resolution panels and making larger panels several years ago. Otherwise plasma was a dominate panel” It really depends on what the customers priorities are in life and how they plan on optimizing these electronics.

For more information on the latest technologies related to ENERGY STAR rating and companies we partner with that comply with GREEN manufacturing, distribution and disposal practices, contact Ross DiGiacomo at or visit our showrooms in Naperville or Alquonquin, Illinois.

By Dianne Barrett

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