Invisible Innovations

Invisible Innovations

For too long TV, speaker, and Audio equipment locations have been an argument starter between most happily married couples.  Men have had to compromise on size, location, and quality of their beloved A/V equipment in order to apese their significant other.  Women have had to deal with ugly black boxes cluttering up walls, ceilings, and corners of their beautifully decorated rooms.  Thankfully there are companies out there like Seura, Sonance, and Trufig who understand that not everyone drinks that same cup of tea, and have developed some “No Comprimise” solutions which are sure to make all parties happy.


How cool would it be to ditch the Black Box in your Living Room.  The Premier series TV Mirror gives you the ability to do just that.  It magically disappears when it’s turned off.  Seura’s Premier Series TV’s perform in some of the most unexpected ways, and top the competition by performing like no other televisions , and like no other mirrors.

There are three ways to sum up Seura’s Premier Series TV’s:   Super Thin, Perfectly Discreet, Amazing


Conventional speakers are designed for the ear, not the eye.  As a result, they often draw unwanted attention, creating a sense of clutter that compromises the appearance of the room.  Sonance believes there’s more to exceptional speakers than sound alone.  They must strike the perfect visual note as well.  The shape, the size, the finish, and placement – should be considered in the context of the room itself.  It becomes part of the design, as deliberate as the flooring below and the lighting above.



Trufig: Your Vision, Pure And Simple.

TRUFIG’s revolutionary flush-mounting system seamlessly integrates disparate devices and technologies into the architecture, empowering architects and designers to create a harmonious family of nearly invisible design elements.

TRUFIG offers an uncompromising, and previously unattainable, level of aesthetic refinement and precision that showcases the simplicity and beauty of visionary interiors.

So as you can see, there are way’s for design and technology to coexist.  For further information on any of these products or to learn about other options to help enhance your designs, just visit or call Barrett’s Technology Solutions.


Love is…

Never Having to Argue Again About Where The TV Goes.


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