Helpful Smart Home Design Tips for Interior Designers

Helpful Smart Home Design Tips for Interior Designers

Smart Home Technology that Blends in Flawlessly

Interior designers often see seamless home décor and smart home automation technology as completely conflicting ideas—you can have one or the other, but not both. Fortunately for homeowners in the greater Chicago, IL area, this is not the case. New advances in hidden technology are making smart home design even easier and more impressive. To learn how you can use these smart technologies to improve your design plans, read on.

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Get Rid of Wall Clutter

Light switches, HVAC temperature controls, fan switches…the average home has a lot of electrical outlets and other wall clutter that compromises an otherwise smooth and sleek design. These switches detract from the more important aspects of the wall, such as artwork or architectural elements. The solution? Replace all of those controls with a tablet or smartphone. Control all of the technology in the room, from the motorized shades to the lights, with a single tablet that can be integrated directly into the wall or kept completely separate for portability.

Conceal the TV

As nice as today’s 4K Ultra HD TVs look while you’re watching your favorite show, they take up valuable real estate in a room—space that could be used for other home décor. You can completely conceal the TV in a number of different ways:

  • Ceiling Lifts: With a ceiling lift, the TV hangs horizontally in the ceiling, hidden from view. Then, with a tap on the smartphone or tablet, the TV silently swings out of the ceiling.
  • Furniture Lifts: Integrate the TV directly into a cabinet, countertop, or other piece of furniture in the room. The TV will slide up when needed and then disappear back into the furniture when not in use.
  • Moving Panels: Imagine having part of the wall slide up to reveal a hidden TV. You can even put artwork over the spot so that you make the most of the blank space. When it’s time to watch a movie or show, the homeowner simply presses a button and the artwork slides out of the way, revealing the TV display.
  • Mirror TVs: With Séura, the beautiful mirrors throughout the home can also be high-definition TVs. Great for integrating a TV in a bathroom or bedroom, these TV mirrors display a crisp, vivid image, then vanish to become a regular mirror.

Use Hidden Wall Speakers

Normally, hiding speakers isn’t a good idea because you don’t want to compromise the sound quality by muffling it with artwork and décor right in front of the equipment. However, Sonance offers a series of invisible speakers that maintain high fidelity sound while staying completely hidden from view. Install the Sonance speakers directly into the wall and then cover over them with the paint, wallpaper, plaster, etc. to match the wall around them. These luxury speakers are the go-to choice for luxury homeowners and designers such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior.


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