What’s the Key to Successful Home Theater Design?

What’s the Key to Successful Home Theater Design?

Get Illinois Builders, Interior Designers and Homeowners on the Same Page

When designing and installing a private cinema, there are so many different factors that go into creating that perfect movie-watching environment. Builders, electricians, AV experts, interior designers, and other contractors all have to work together to achieve the homeowner’s vision. With that many cooks in the kitchen, avoiding miscommunication and mishaps along the way is the goal.

Barrett’s Technology Solutions takes a proactive approach to Chicagoland home theater design and installation projects. We manage the entire process to ensure that everyone is on the same page about what needs to happen at what time in order to streamline the cinema installation. Read on to learn about the role that strong project management and AV expertise play in home theater success.

During the Design Phase

Designing a home theater is about more than picking out fabrics or a theme. It starts with assessing the room’s size, shape, and layout, then coming up with a plan that provides the best audio and visual experience. Your home theater installer will work with your interior designer (and architects and builders for new construction) to plan out the best placement of seating, screen, any hidden technology, etc. in a way that works well for everyone involved.

During the Construction Phase

If the theater is part of building a new home, it’s vital that your home theater installer be involved with the architects and builders during the construction process. During this phase, the installer can ensure the room is pre-wired with the right power and networking capabilities for the theater equipment. Collaborating early on avoids having to reopen walls in order to run wiring or reassess existing plans due to unforeseen changes during construction.

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During the Installation Phase

This is the AV expert’s time to shine. Once construction is finished, all of the home theater equipment, from the speakers to the projector, is strategically installed at just the right locations to provide the best acoustics and visuals. The design elements such as carpeting, curtains, and wall décor are also added to the room. A strong collaboration between interior designer and AV installer ensures that the placement of technology does not hinder the final look and feel of the theater.

During the Fine-Tuning Phase

Once everything is in its place, your home theater installer and design team will do the final polish on the room. From audio video calibration to lighting brightness adjustments, these final touches are what takes the home theater design from good to great. And of course, no home theater project is complete until the homeowner is completely satisfied with every aspect, so this fine-tuning phase creates the perfect opportunity to make any last-minute adjustments.
Barrett’s Technology Solutions has honed the home theater design and installation process over the last 50 years in business. Whether you’re a homeowner, interior designer, architect, or another contractor, we’re happy to work with you on any home theater or automation project. To learn more, read about our services or contact us today.