How to Get the Best Outdoor Entertainment for Your Home

How to Get the Best Outdoor Entertainment for Your Home

Enjoy the Warm Weather with an Outdoor Audio Video Installation

As brutal as Chicago winters can be, there’s no better place to be than outdoors once springtime hits. Now is really the time when Illinois homeowners should be thinking about what kind of entertainment upgrades they’d like to make to their outdoor areas. Of course, the right audio video installation for a roof deck in a Chicago home will be entirely different than what’s best for a backyard in the suburbs. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to the best outdoor entertainment options and setups for each environment.

For Backyards or Patios

There are so many factors that can affect outdoor entertainment in the typical backyard setting. The location of the pool, the size of the patio, the amount of landscaping…all of these things will need to be taken into consideration when designing the best entertainment system for your space. Generally speaking, however, this is the typical technology setup:


An outdoor audio setup should include weather-resistant components that won’t be damaged by Illinois’ harsh winter snow or summer rain. We recommend using Sonance Landscape Series speakers and buried subwoofer. You’ll get excellence sound quality from subtle speakers that don’t distract from the beauty of your outdoor living space.


Your two main options for video are an outdoor home theater setup or a television. If you are used to hosting large parties, a projector and screen is a good idea, but if you just want something for watching your favorite movie while relaxing in the Jacuzzi, we suggest an outdoor television from a reputable brand like Séura. Their outdoor TVs are designed for sunny environments and inclement weather.

Lighting Control

If you want your landscape lighting to play a role in entertaining, then lighting control is an excellent way to improve the ambiance. Your outdoor lighting can be automated or controlled right from your smartphone or tablet. Turn the lights on or off or even change the brightness and color of the lights at the push of a button.

Pool/Water Feature Control

The same smart home automation system that controls the landscape lighting can also control your water features! Turn on the Jacuzzi jets or make the pool lights turn different colors on your command.


Your home network setup is often an overlooked aspect of outdoor entertainment. If you want to browse the internet on your tablet by the pool, you shouldn’t have to struggle to get a WiFi connection. This is also important for streaming music or movies on your outdoor television. We recommend adding wireless access points to outdoor areas where you’re likely to need internet connectivity, such as patios and pool areas.

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For Roof Decks

Many of the same technologies you’d find in a backyard entertainment setup are also applicable to roof decks. Home networking, outdoor lighting control, audio, video, and more all play a role in transforming your roof deck into the perfect area for entertaining. However, there are some unique struggles to overcome with roof deck setups.

The biggest issues are usually size or sound limitations, so let’s talk about those:


While it’s fine to blast your music on a private estate, condos or apartments require careful setup to keep your entertainment from bothering nearby residents. And just as important, you want to be able to clearly enjoy your music or movies without the noise of the city interfering. By strategically placing and optimizing the equipment throughout the space, we can ensure the deck has clear sound for your enjoyment.


With small spaces, we usually recommend against going for a full outdoor theater setup. Instead, an outdoor television is likely a better approach. The size and shape of the roof deck will have a significant impact on the type of audio setup, so it’s best to have an audio video installation professional assess the deck and offer personalized recommendations on brand, components, and layout.

How to Get Started

Because so much of the audio video installation is dependent on landscaping, we recommend that you bring an AV expert into the process early on. That way, the AV company can collaborate with landscaping or roof deck contractors and ensure that the technology is properly planned for from the very beginning.

Barrett’s Technology Solutions works with landscapers, designers, and other contractors throughout Chicagoland, and we have a proven project management process to make the process go smoothly for everyone involved. Of course, if the landscaping is already done, that’s not a problem—we can design the technology to fit the space.

The first step to a more enjoyable outdoor living space is to contact us today at 630-898-2850 for a quote or to learn more about our process for designing and installing audio video and automation technologies.

Enjoy your summer!