3 Characteristics of a High-End Audio System

3 Characteristics of a High-End Audio System

For the Best Music Experience, You Need the Right System

Where do you draw the line between a standard sound system and a high-performance audio system? Here at Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we’ve designed many high-end audio systems for luxury homes, and while each system is fully custom, there are a few characteristics that are true across the board for each one. If you have been considering adding an audio system to your Chicago, Illinois home, then read on to learn about what’s most important.

Characteristic One: Uncompromising Sound Quality

In recent years, many audio brands have done studies to answer the age-old question: “does high-end audio actually sound better than entry-level systems?” These studies usually employ one of two testing methods. The first is an audio fidelity test, which compares how closely the audio signals coming from the speakers match the original recording. The second test is simply to have people listen to music “blind” from different audio systems and ask them which system sounded better.

The result from these tests was clear. High-end systems get much closer to the original sound quality than entry-level systems do, and when listening to each system blind, people definitely prefer the high-performance speakers.

So how do you know if a speaker is truly high-end? The quality of sound boils down to the type of material, design of the speaker, and care that goes into the manufacturing process. Entry-level speakers are designed to be easy and cost-effective to mass produce, not sound great. They often rely on materials that are readily available but don’t accommodate the best transfer of audio signals. But one of the biggest factors is the attention to detail during manufacturing. When each speaker is carefully crafted and inspected for top quality, you’re not going to end up with those small manufacturing flaws that are deemed acceptable with entry-level speakers.

Characteristic Two: A Design that Fits Your Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, not all high-end speakers are bulky, giant pieces of equipment that are going to distract from your home’s design. In fact, many speakers from quality brands are designed to blend in seamlessly into their environment, hidden completely in walls and ceilings.

However, just because a speaker is visible doesn’t mean it has to be at odds with your home’s décor. With high-end audio comes the opportunity to have floor standing speakers in different finishes or in some cases even custom painted to match the room’s color scheme. These speakers can become a type of artwork in and of themselves, a focal point that you want to draw attention to, not hide away.

The good news is that, whatever type of music experience you want and home design you have, there’s a high-end speaker out there that can fit perfectly for your needs. It’s just a matter of working with an audio expert to find the right one.

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Characteristic Three: Effortless to Use

It doesn’t matter how great the system sounds if it’s too complicated for you to operate. That’s why we recommend using smart technology like Savant or Crestron to streamline your music experience. From your smartphone or dedicated touchscreen, you can access every streaming service, your music server, specific playlists, etc. Using your system becomes as easy as pushing a button.

Just check out this video to see an example of how simple finding and using your music can be:

You can view more videos like this by visiting our training resources section.

We set up all the equipment and create an interface that is completely intuitive and designed to meet your needs. That way, you get to enjoy your music (and use it more often) without having to worry about managing five different remotes or making sure different equipment is set up correctly.


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