The Latest Trends in Smart Home Design

The Latest Trends in Smart Home Design

Enhance the Look and Feel of Homes with Luxury Smart Technology

In our last blog on smart home design, we outlined some helpful tips for Illinois interior designers, custom home builders, and homeowners on how technology can enhance the look and feel of each room. But both high-end technology and interior design are constantly evolving, so we’re back again. This time, we’re focusing on three technology trends that have been hitting it big in the Naperville area of late.

1. Staged Lighting for All Occasions

From setting the right mood to highlighting specific artwork or architectural features, there’s no denying that lighting plays a big role in staging homes. But there are a few key problems with the standard process of staged lighting:

  1. It takes time and effort to create the perfect lighting environment

Turning on lamps, adjusting the positioning of light fixtures, and dimming certain bulbs is not a quick and simple process.

  1. Most rooms need different lighting for different activities

The lighting setup in a living room that is ideal for a cocktail party with friends is completely different from the lighting needed for enjoying a movie.

Here’s where smart home technology comes in. You can upgrade the property with smart lighting control that lets you set up “scenes” for certain occasions. Instead of having to walk throughout the room turning on lamps or adjusting dimmable bulbs, one button press creates the perfect environment for entertaining, relaxing, movie-watching, and more.

2. Motorized Shades

Window treatments are an excellent way to add texture and pattern to a room, but they are often at odds with the beauty of natural sunlight in a space. Unusual window styles add another complication – floor to ceiling glass or high windows make it difficult to manage window treatments. The result is that, if you add shades or blinds to these areas, they almost always stay completely closed or open. It’s just too much of a hassle to adjust them every day.

That’s not the case with motorized shades. Just one tap on your smartphone or push of a button is all it takes to reposition the shades. You can even add solar or occupancy sensors and have the window treatments adjust automatically based on temperature, room brightness, or whether there’s someone in the area. The shades can also be incorporated into smart lighting scenes to add even more depth to each room’s staged lighting.


3. Hidden AV Equipment

We talked about hidden TVs and speakers in the previous blog, but the equipment that’s often more troubling from a design perspective are the devices like AV receivers, Blu-ray Players, and cable boxes. It doesn’t do much good to hide the television behind artwork or within a mirror if you still have a bunch of clunky devices out in the open.

The solution here is AV distribution. All of the entertainment equipment can be neatly tucked away in a utility closet without affecting the homeowner’s ability to enjoy their music, TV shows, or movies in any way. In fact, AV distribution actually makes it easier to swap media sources or use equipment in multiple areas. We set up the system so that, from a smart remote, phone, or tablet, it’s as simple as selecting the room you want to entertain in, then pick out what media you want.


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