How to Get a High-Quality Movie Experience without the Clutter

How to Get a High-Quality Movie Experience without the Clutter

The Innovative Approach to Home Theater Design: CinemaFrame®

Over the years, home theater systems have become more and more refined. Chicagoland homeowners no longer have to devote an entire room to clunky speakers, receivers, projectors, and other media equipment if they want to enjoy movies with the best audio and visuals possible. Instead, hidden technology has made it possible to keep the design clean without compromising on performance. You can hide the speakers in the ceiling, tuck away the AV equipment in a media cabinet, and run wiring behind the walls.

But there’s always room for improvement. Instead of finding areas throughout the room to tuck away technology, the latest innovation in home theater design is through CinemaFrame®. Keep reading to learn about this gorgeous home entertainment system and how it could fit into your Illinois property.

What is CinemaFrame®?

CinemaFrame® is the world’s first completely concealed home entertainment system. It is designed to seamlessly fit into any space – whether a dedicated home theater or general media room – by installing high-quality speakers and AV equipment behind the television.

Here at Barrett’s Technology Solutions, we typically like to focus more on the experience for our clients, not a specific product or manufacturer. But we’re making an exception for CinemaFrame® because the unique design is something that we feel will greatly benefit our clients.


The Look

The CinemaFrame® system uses a thin frame around the TV to transfer the high-end audio from the hidden speakers to the movie-watchers. To achieve that audio transfer, acoustically transparent materials are used. The trim fabric comes in four different patterns and a huge variety of colors, so there’s sure to be a look that fits perfectly with your home.

Other than that fabric trim, everything else is completely out of view – perfect for interior design. The home entertainment equipment is as minimalist as possible so that you can focus on the art, architectural features, and other décor in the room.

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The Experience

Tucking away all the home media equipment is just part of what we love about CinemaFrame®. Another big part of the home theater design revolves around making the system super easy to use. All of the components are connected as one streamlined system that you can control from a dedicated remote, iPad, or your smartphone.

Within this one system, you can get the latest in 4K Ultra HD visuals, full 7.2 channel high-performance audio, and a simple way to manage your media. It really is the full package for home entertainment.


If you’re looking for a way to add the latest home entertainment technology to your home without compromising on design, then CinemaFrame® is the way to go. We are CinemaFrame® dealers ready to add this beautiful technology to your Illinois home. Call us today at (630) 898-2850 or fill out this quick contact request to learn more.