Your Motorized Shades Can Keep the Coldness at Bay

Your Motorized Shades Can Keep the Coldness at Bay

Don’t Let the Winter Blues Make Your Home a Chilly Place

Winter is nearly here, and with it comes the holiday hustle, the darker nights, and that frigid weather Chicagoland, IL residents know all too well!  So how can you maintain a cozy warmth when outside the temperature drops by the hour and your energy bills are skyrocketing?

Motorized shades are the ideal solution.  You’ll give your HVAC system a break and feel all the needed comfort your home can provide with a simple press of a button.  Read on to learn more about this luxury smart technology for the season.



Comfort & Practicality


Your beautiful glass windows, be they small or floor-to-ceiling, are no doubt an added aesthetic to any room’s décor.  But unfortunately, they are also a big source of heat loss.


Any room with gloriously large windows can seem near impossible to keep warm, and might end up being avoided altogether during this season.  And if your HVAC system is working overtime to maintain a regulated temperature inside, you’ll soon see the consequences when the bill arrives.


Motorized shades can help both keep the costs at a low and the desired heat at a high.  It all comes down to choosing the right styles, fabrics, and positioning for your shades to completely transform how you manage and enjoy your home’s warmth.


The Key Ingredients for Automated Shades


In order to get that perfect temperature balance, there some main components to consider when choosing your shades.


Design: Motorized shades are convenient, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your room’s interior design or style for them.  You can choose virtually any type of shading that fits your home’s exact needs and appearance.  Sheer or blackout shades or heavy drapes that are sure to keep heat trapped inside.  Special honeycomb shades are also a great choice, as they were actually designed to prevent heat loss.


Fabric: The thicker your fabric choice, the warmer you’ll feel on a day-to-day basis.  Like a blanket, your shades will envelop the windows to keep the coldness out and keep you warm.  It’s the wooly and denser blankets that you tend to wrap around yourself during winter, and so the same goes for your shades, to get the best effect.


Position: Most don’t think of the necessary “air gaps” when it comes to shades.  The space between the window and shade is the gap, and is excellent for creating heat insulation to bring you that balanced temperature.  By positioning the shades correctly, this gap can still exist even if you don’t choose honeycomb shades.


The colder months don’t have to invade your home’s comfy space or up those energy bills.  Motorized shades can help you maintain the needed luxury in every corner of your home.


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