Usher in the Holidays Safely and Soundly

Usher in the Holidays Safely and Soundly

Prepare Your Property with Smart Technology

The holiday season is a time to be with family and loved ones.  Perhaps you’re the one entertaining the crowd in your home, or perhaps you’re planning on traveling. Either way, smart home technology can make life easier during this busy season. Below, we talk about our top two technologies that we think are a great fit for Chicagoland homeowners to invest in: whole house audio video and smart home surveillance.

Whole House Audio Video

It goes without saying that music is an essential part of any holiday party. There’s no reason to limit yourself to only enjoying music in just a few areas of your home. A whole house audio video system connects speakers, televisions, and media equipment in every room so that you can pull up your favorite Christmas music playlist or movie anywhere, anytime, right from your smartphone.

It works through technology called audio video distribution – we connect all the equipment so that you get the benefit of one-touch control without any extra clutter of equipment or wires. Hidden speakers are strategically placed in the walls and ceilings so that audio transfers evenly throughout every space – no loud spots or muffled areas. The result is high-fidelity audio and video in every room.

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Smart Home Surveillance

An empty home is a prime target for burglars and robbers, and they are more likely to be on the prowl when they know plenty of houses will be vacant for Christmas and New Years.  Stay several steps ahead of them by setting up surveillance cameras located throughout your property.

You can watch real-time camera footage of your home while you’re sitting by the fireplace at a friend’s house miles away.  Set up push notifications so your phone will instantly alert you to any suspicious activity or unwanted guests nearby.  You can control the outdoor lights to switch on and scare robbers away and monitor the situation afterward.  The system will even alert the appropriate authorities if something is going awry.

The holidays should be the most wonderful time of the year – don’t let extra stresses bog you down.  Ensure that your home is both beautiful and secure with the right smart home technology in place.

The team at Barrett’s Technology Solutions excels at designing and installing luxury technology for every occasion and lifestyle. Give us a call to learn how the right smart devices can enhance the ambiance of your home during this festive season. You can reach us at (630) 898-2850 or online through our contact form.