How Sound Meets Style in Your Design Plans

How Sound Meets Style in Your Design Plans

Why You’ll Want to Use CinemaTech in Your Home Theater Design

When building out a home theater, custom home builders, remodelers, and interior designers all have quite the challenge! There are so many factors to consider with home theater design. Whether you’re in Hinsdale or another Illinois area, one thing is definitely true: The space must be outfitted with the proper acoustic treatment along with the desired design elements.

Let’s take a look at CinemaTech, one of the brands we love to work with, and how we can collaborate to achieve both great design elements and acoustics for your theater project.

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Designing a successful home theater requires you to evaluate various aspects such as room size and shape, audio quality, screens, projectors and finally — to personalize the look and feel of the theater interior.

Enter CinemaTech, one of our premier home theater interior brands.

We work with them to deliver expertly tuned acoustic systems, luxurious furniture like custom seating, and a well-designed layout and theme to house all of it. Here is why you’ll want to include them in your next home theater design.

Design Services

CinemaTech has a dedicated team of designers ready to provide personalized recommendations to optimize the acoustic and design flow of your home theater project. We work with CinemaTech’s design team to ensure that the result is a beautiful, immersive theater experience.

If you’re a builder, remodeler or interior designer, CinemaTech’s design team speaks your language- they’ll ensure that designs and materials allow for the optimal sound flow throughout the home theater. Moreover, we are involved all the way through the project to make sure the audio/video and automation is integrated smoothly.

The result is a truly collaborative process from beginning to end. As a team, we’ll deliver a space that the homeowner will love and use as a personal retreat.

Acoustics Matter

Chances are if a homeowner is asking you to design a home theater, they plan on spending time in it. This may seem obvious, but consider what that really means: They expect the full experience in their theater to mimic — if not exceed — the experience of a commercial cinema.

This means that the acoustics must be properly set up to optimize the audio in the room and prevent it from pouring into the rest of the house. Proper acoustic treatment is more than just arranging a few speakers where they fit.

The size and shape of the room — in addition to the furniture and objects placed within it — affect how sound navigates the space. CinemaTech provides guidance on developing the ideal acoustic design for the theater, then use their exceptional acoustic treatments to turn that plan into reality.


Visual Design Matters, Too

Quality sound and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive.

We do more than just ensure the walls of the home theater include precise tuning and planning for optimum acoustics. We also take into consideration the furniture and décor! One of the reasons we recommend CinemaTech is because they take the whole floor-to-ceiling interior into account- acoustic treatments, comfortable theater seating, complete design services, and more.

Most importantly, they don’t sacrifice design for audio/visual quality. With a variety of design and seating options, you’re bound to find furniture, flooring, wall panels and other design aspects that fulfill the homeowner’s theater design vision.

The team here at Barrett’s Technology Solutions collaborates with interior designers and homeowners throughout Illinois to create beautiful, stunning home cinemas that rival the performance of a commercial theater.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and approach to creating an acoustically flawless environment without sacrificing style and design, you can reach us by clicking below or give us a call at (630) 898-2850.

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