Savant Home Automation: Power at Your Fingertips

Savant Home Automation: Power at Your Fingertips

Can You Control Your Home with an App? With a Savant System, the Answer is Yes

Imagine this scene: you’re reading an enticing new book a colleague recommended. You’ve just reached the chapter that could have a huge impact on your business, and a glare from the Gold Coast sun hits your eye. You could get up from your seat and fix the problem, breaking your concentration. Or, you could use an app on your phone that accesses your Savant home automation to adjust your motorized shades, set your lights to the perfect reading level, and get back to the latest insights before you know it.

In the second scenario, the controls to managing your home are right at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and energy. Keep reading to learn more about how the Savant home automation system and app combine to make your life easier and more efficient.

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It’s no secret that Savant provides total control of your home. The app is a means of providing more personalized and convenient control of your system. You can view your home’s technology systems at a glance on your phone and make an adjustment with a single touch.

Rather than getting up to adjust your system from the in-wall panel, or manually adjusting each product, simply use the app to manage any aspect of it at your convenience. Is there a glare on your TV screen? Just lower your motorized shades with your phone or tablet.

Set up scenes for your home, such as “Away” or “Relax” to have products like your lights, motorized shades and alarm system preset for different situations. For example, tapping “Away” on the Savant app could close the shades, activate the alarm and set the temperature to an eco-friendly level. When you’re arriving home, just tap that scene on your app, and have the garage door open, the temperature set to your preference and adjust the lights and shades how you prefer them to be when you’re at home. 



Your Savant home automation system is even more customizable and personalized with the use of profiles. Every member of the household can access their preset scenes at any time on their app, allowing them to control the system’s settings.

When only one person is home, he or she won’t have to wait for the primary account holder to access the system. If one person stays primarily upstairs, they can go into their profile and adjust the shades, lighting, temperature and more for their area just from their app profile. You’ll never have to spend time adjusting the lights to your favorite reading brightness, just because someone else watched a movie in the same room the day before.


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