Does Your Lighting System Make Your Life More Luxurious?

Does Your Lighting System Make Your Life More Luxurious?

Experience the Benefits of Lutron Lighting Control


Do you ever feel like you are spending far too much time changing your environment to better fit your needs? Between sharing meals, enjoying movies and books, helping children with homework, and any number of hobbies, your family is always using your home in new ways. You deserve technology that not only understands your needs, but also responds to them.

Specifically, your lighting system has the power to impact your whole home, and one particular feature allows you to truly utilize it to its best potential. Smart control — more precisely, Lutron lighting control — saves you time and sets up a more enjoyable environment for your day-to-day life in Burr Ridge.


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Create Lighting Scenes

A Lutron lighting control system allows you to do more than just turn the lights on and off at various brightness levels or colors. Control takes it a step further. You can create customized “scenes,” which are predetermined settings tailored to your needs and preferences. For example, you might create a scene with the perfect environment for reading, so you don’t strain your eyes. You’ll then have access to that scene with the push of a button, so you won’t need to spend time adjusting the lights to enjoy your favorite book.

The benefits aren’t limited to one space at a time, either. Rather than walking from room to room and manually adjusting every light throughout the day or evening, you can set your system to remember your preferences for each time of day. So, let’s say that at night when getting ready for bed, you prefer gentle lighting. Just indicate once which lights you prefer off and which should be dimmed – for example, the hallways might feature a warm glow while the living room is dark. Your bedroom can even dim slowly throughout the evening until it turns off entirely at a scheduled time.

When you set up a “Goodnight” scene, your system knows to do all of this as soon as you tap the button.

And you’re not limited to night scenes. You can also set up scenes to wake you up, greet guests for parties, welcome you home from work, and more.


Control from One Source

Of course, no matter how preset scenes are, the ability to adjust your lights on a whim is essential to enjoying your system. However, controlling your technology has the potential to cause more headache than convenience when not approached properly. What if you have multiple remotes and keypads? And what if they’re spread throughout your large property?

With Lutron lighting control, you can easily manage all your lighting features from one source: a tablet, your smartphone, or a conveniently-located keypad.


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