What Is a Connected Home Truly Capable Of?

What Is a Connected Home Truly Capable Of?

Smart Home Control Gives You Complete Command of Your Home


We’ve written some in-depth blogs in the past about various topics like specific manufacturers, home networking, and health benefits of lighting control. Just as important as these specific topics, though, is a high-level view of what exactly smart home control is capable of and what it means for your Chicago home.

In this blog, we’ll look at some basic features and benefits of smart home control to give you an idea of the possibilities. Just keep reading to find out what those are.


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Smart home control is exactly as it sounds: complete control and management of your home and its technology. The defining feature of a smart home is the connectedness between technology and the living space. Your lights, motorized shades, and audio/video are all associated, so they can function either in sync or separately.

This is where control comes in. To go from room to room manually adjusting each piece would be a great hassle. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and walking around your entire property to close the shades one room at a time, adjust the lights, and set the alarm. Then imagine doing it all over again in the morning.

With smart home control, you manage all of this from one location. You can sync your devices to work with one another on a schedule, but you won’t be limited to it. Your home will also obey your commands from a single source, like your smart phone.  Say goodbye to hassle, and hello to convenience.


With smart home control, you have the complete power to set up scenes in your home and customize the settings. Control means that you’re not limited or confined to predetermined settings by the device or manufacturer. Instead, you can adjust and customize your settings to best fit your lifestyle and daily routine.

For example, let’s say full-intensity lighting helps you wake up. Just set up your lighting system to that level, add the time you usually arise and have the window shades open in sync. Need a more gradual wake-up? Smart home control allows you to set this up accordingly.

Smart home control is the thread that ties all of your technology together. It allows your home devices to serve you in the way that best fits your needs, your family, and your lifestyle. Customization allows you to shift your home’s settings as your life changes.


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