Get More Stunning Window Treatments with Motorized Shades

Get More Stunning Window Treatments with Motorized Shades

Are Your Windows Dressed to the Nines?


If you’re looking for that next upgrade for your home to make it look more stunning and luxurious, look no further than your windows – or rather, what’s hanging in front of them. Window treatments can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. Changing up that one element can go a long way toward making your home feel fresh and new.

It’s also the perfect time to explore the possibilities of leveraging smart technology with your window treatments. Motorized blinds and shades offer many advantages, from convenience to energy savings, but their biggest value lies in their ability to make your Gold Coast home more beautiful. Keep reading to learn how.




The Perfect Brightness in Every Room

Bright light can bring out the best in home décor and furnishings, but the struggle with natural light is that it can’t be controlled. Some days may be too bright, while other days will be dim and dreary. With standard window treatments, there’s nothing you can do to combat fickle weather. Motorized shades, on the other hand, give you the ability to control exactly how bright each room is.

On particularly sunny days, the shades lower automatically to filter out the harshest rays, leaving a pleasant glow that’s not too overwhelming. On dimmer days, the same sensors that cause the shades to lower will alert the smart light fixtures in the room, causing them to brighten automatically.


Protect Your Furnishings from Sun Damage

UV Rays can ruin rugs, flooring, furnishings, and décor. The sun bleaches and hardens the areas that get too much light, leading to unsightly shifts in color and texture. Fortunately, many motorized blinds and shades are designed specifically to block out UV rays while still letting in light.

When sensors identify that the lighting is reaching a level that is unsafe for your priceless furnishings, the shades lower without you having to lift a finger. Your home’s décor is protected without any rearranging of furniture or the need to keep your window shades closed at all times.


Create a Magical Experience

Our favorite part of upgrading a home with motorized blinds and shades lies in the simple, yet beautiful experience of watching them open and close automatically. At the push of a button or a single voice command, your home can transform before your eyes.

It’s a stunning display – the motors on the shades are completely silent, and the shades move smoothly up and down. Combined with other smart technologies such as lighting control and multi-room music, the shades create the feeling that the home is alive, ready to do whatever you’d like.


It’s one simple change to your home, but it can have a great impact. If you’d like to explore the different fabrics, shade styles, and technologies available for your home, call us today at 312-879-9990. You can also submit a project request here.