What Makes an Exceptional Multi-Room Music System?

What Makes an Exceptional Multi-Room Music System?

Listen to High-Performance Music Anywhere in Your Home

We live in a musical world. The rise of streaming services makes it easier than ever to access nearly any song at any time, and music is now an essential part of how we move through the day and engage with our environment. Given how important music is in your daily routine, you want a sound system for your home that delivers high-performance audio in any room with the push of a button.

A multi-room music system from Barrett’s Technology Solutions brings all of your audio sources together in a single control interface. Want to play classic rock in the kitchen, jazz in the living room, and top 40 hits on the back porch? Set the music for each zone by accessing streaming services and your home’s own media server from the same app. It only takes seconds to select the music of your choice and to adjust volume to the desired level.

Read on to learn how Barrett’s creates multi-room music systems customized to bring the best audio to Chicago homes.


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Embrace the Unique Acoustics of Each Space

Each room in your house is going to have different acoustic demands, and the design of your multi-room music system needs to consider the dimensions of the space, the layout of furniture, and different surfaces that can affect how sound moves around the room.

Are there carpets and drapes absorbing sound? Leather furniture reflecting sound? The right balance of surface textures will give you a fuller listening experience, and we know that a round room requires a different acoustic design than a rectangular one, and we place speakers, subwoofers, and other audio equipment in locations that will disperse sound evenly.

Subwoofers are particularly important when it comes to creating a more resonant sound. Think about how much more powerful music is when you hear it with full booming bass at a live concert? Your home doesn’t need anything on that scale but incorporating subwoofers will bring new dimensions to your favorite songs.


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Enrich Your Interior Design

Your multi-room music system doesn’t have to interfere with the flow of your interior design.

For maximum sound coverage with the least amount of floor clutter, we recommend in-wall speakers and subwoofers that are completely hidden from view without losing any audio quality.

You don’t have to hide all of your sound equipment, and a pair of Meridian loudspeakers become a visual centerpiece for a room with their blend of sleek design and impeccable performance. Available in hundreds of colors, Meridian speakers can complement any interior palette, and the rimatcheMeridian loudspeakers are a striking addition to your main entertaining space, and you can integrate them into the same multi-room system that controls your in-wall speakers.


Want to learn more about bringing multi-room music to your Chicago home? Contact Barrett’s Technology Solutions at 630-451-8719 or by filling out our online form. And if you want to hear a high-end audio system in person, you can visit our Naperville design center to test drive the latest innovations in sound.