How Can Lutron Lighting Control Lower Your Energy Bill?

How Can Lutron Lighting Control Lower Your Energy Bill?

Lutron Helps Minimize Your Hinsdale Home’s Carbon Footprint

Your energy bill is only getting bigger as your Hinsdale home gains new devices that are consistently using electricity, so if there’s a piece of smart technology that can help you save on your power usage each month, you want it for your house. Lights are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to energy usage, but with Lutron lighting control, you can make home-wide adjustments that conserve electricity. Read on to learn how Lutron smart lighting can help you lower your utility spending and improve the functionality of your home.

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Dim the Lights, Up the Savings

Dimming plays an integral part in reducing energy consumption, and it also extends the life of your bulbs. Dimming a light 10% uses 10% less energy and makes the bulb last twice as long. The consumption-to-dimming ratio isn’t quite 1:1—dimming 50-75% cuts energy usage by 40-60%—but the longevity of the bulb can increase by more than 20 times with significant dimming.

Automatically Darken Empty Rooms

Lights don’t have to be on at full blast if there’s no one in a room, and occupancy sensors make automatic adjustments when spaces are empty for a specific length of time. This can mean turning off the lights completely or dimming the brightness to keep a space illuminated while minimizing the electricity used.

Turn Off the Lights from Anywhere

If you have a rushed morning routine, it can be easy to forget to shut off the lights before you leave the house for work. With Lutron lighting control, you can check and see which lights were left on and remotely turn them off from your smartphone or tablet. You can even set a specific “Away” setting that immediately turns off multiple lights with the push of a single button. No more getting out of bed to double check if the downstairs lights are off. Just open the Lutron app to find out in seconds.

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Get Rewarded for Conservation

To entice people into employing energy-saving measures in their homes, there are federal and state rebates and utility incentives offered for homeowners that use a Lutron lighting control system. Lutron provides an online resource that breaks down each state’s different savings options, and Hinsdale’s ComEd customers can get rebates for adding dimming systems, occupancy sensors, and timers to their homes.

Good for the Environment and Your Health

In addition to lowering your carbon footprint, being able to control the brightness and color temperature of your lights also benefits your health. Advancements in lighting technology allow your system to mimic the natural progression of sunlight, reinforcing your body’s circadian rhythm so you’re more energized for your day’s activities. Commercial offices have seen improvements in productivity and employee satisfaction by using circadian rhythm lighting, and Lutron brings that technology to the home.

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