What Is the Right Media Room Design for Your Home?

What Is the Right Media Room Design for Your Home?

Upgrade Your Media Room to Fit Your Needs

The end of the Chicago summer means you’re about to spend much more time indoors, and a media room helps you get the most out of your indoor entertainment. Whether you’re excited about the return of professional football, the latest Netflix show, or a new video game, you should have a space that is customized to meet the viewing needs of everyone in your household.

Barrett’s Technology Solutions specializes in media room design that provides maximum functionality without losing any visual appeal, and your vision for your home guides how we work. We aim to create a space so inviting that you’ll want to spend hours at a time in it, and you’ll thank us for it when the temperature drops. Keep reading to learn about the media room designs we recommend for different types of viewers.

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The Sports Fan

Give your home the feel of a sports bar minus the beer upcharge with a media room design that allows you to keep up with various games at the same time. Set up multiple high-definition flatscreen TVs along a single wall or in different areas of the room, and control all these displays from the same control interface. You’ll only want the sound from one game playing at any given time, but it’s easy to switch the primary audio source from either a touchscreen remote or your personal smartphone or tablet. When the commercials hit, push a button to turn on your gameday music playlist until the action begins again.

The TV Binger

There are many ways to access TV—live, DVR, streaming, digital downloads—and a home automation system brings them all together with a single app. Your control system provides quick shortcuts to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and if you set up a media server for your home, you can access your digital library from the same interface. With an A/V distribution system, you can send audio and video signals to devices all throughout your home while keeping the transmitting equipment in a centralized location, so you’ll be able to access DVR from any room.

The Movie Buff

Transform your living room into a home theater with an HD projector and a surround sound system that immerses you in the viewing experience. With a home automation system, you can simultaneously activate your smart lighting, motorized shades, and A/V components to reinforce a cinematic atmosphere. Our media room designs always take into account the sightlines of the space and the acoustic environment, and we’ll position and calibrate all the technology to create the clearest sound and picture.

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The Gamer

Much of multiplayer gaming happens online, but there’s an added thrill to competing against other people in the same physical space. It’s more personal and social, and gives you the opportunity to turn the online match into a party. Create a conducive gaming environment by setting up multiple flat panel displays along the same wall, with their own accompanying cabinets to house all of the console components.

Want to find the perfect media room design for your Chicago home? Reach out to the experts at Barrett’s Technology Solutions by calling (630) 898-2850, filling out our online form, or visiting our Naperville design center, where you can experience this technology for yourself.