What Sets Meridian Speakers Above the Rest?

What Sets Meridian Speakers Above the Rest?

Enrich Your Lincoln Park Home with High-End Audio from Meridian

When it comes to high-end audio, Meridian has an exceptional reputation as the manufacturer of sophisticated, impeccably designed loudspeakers that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear. At our recent Technology & Design Expo, we used Meridian loudspeakers to fill the Pella showroom in the Merchandise Mart with sound, and it was remarkable how much power and clarity two loudspeakers could deliver.

That showroom is probably much larger than any room in your Lincoln Park home or condominium, so imagine how much more full your music, TV shows, and movies would sound with Meridian loudspeakers enveloping you in an exceptional auditory experience. Keep reading to find out why Meridian is one of our trusted brand partners for high-end audio systems.

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Advanced Technology Creates Lifelike Sound

Digital Signal Processing is at the core of Meridian’s technology, allowing for precise reproduction of audio signals that eliminates the inevitable noise and degradation of analog circuitry. Amplifiers and DACs are traditionally separate components connected to the speakers through cables, but Meridian brings all of these elements together to keep sound in its pure digital form for as long as possible.

Enhanced Bass Alignment digitally realigns the bass to remove sound blur, and turns the usual left/right stereo setup into an immersive 3D soundstage that will have you hearing new details in your favorite tracks. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right in the studio with the musicians, and the best way to truly understand the difference is to experience it for yourself. Our Naperville design center features Meridian speakers and a wide variety of other entertainment and smart home technology, giving you the opportunity to test drive devices and discover which ones are right for you.

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Built to Enrich Interior Design

All of the Meridian system’s electronics are contained in the loudspeaker’s sleek enclosure, offering rich sound from a visually striking piece of top-of-the-line technology. This makes your Meridian sound system simple to install because there aren’t multiple components. Find the right spot in the room, place your two speakers in the ideal locations, connect your source, and enjoy lush high-end audio.

Meridian’s team understands the value of clean lines and minimalist design that can adapt to different environments, and their loudspeakers are made to stand out without detracting from the overall aesthetic of a space. There are 270 Meridian Select color finishes available if you want to customize your loudspeakers to blend with the palette of your room or if you prefer a dramatic statement piece.

Want to learn more about Meridian speakers and other high-end audio systems for your Lincoln Park home? Reach out to one of our experts and schedule a consultation by calling 630-898-2850 or filling out our online form.