Discover The Wonders Of A Smart Home Theater

Discover The Wonders Of A Smart Home Theater

Incorporate Smart Technology In Your Home Theater Installation

When planning for a dedicated home theater, most homeowners think about the most obvious components first: audio, video, and seating. This makes a lot of sense because these components play the most significant parts in your viewing experience, but there’s much more to consider for a home theater installation.

Smart home technology has made it easier than ever to replicate the theater experience by eliminating the hassles of setting up your space, and in many instances, it makes your home theater superior to your local multiplex. Keep reading to learn about three different smart technologies that help you make the most of your Chicago home theater installation.

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Smart Lighting

A key moment in the theater experience is when the lights go down and the audience sits in anticipation for the movie begin. It’s when everyone’s attention shifts away from their phones or the person sitting next to them and they focus on the screen. It’s hard to capture this moment by flipping a light switch, but with smart lighting control, you can program your lights to dim at the specific time the movie begins. If you need to make any lighting adjustments, all you have to do is open your smart home control app to gain instant access to your fixtures, and you have a variety of options to create the exact lighting configuration you need.

Media Distribution

You’ve outfitted your dedicated home theater with 4K video and Dolby Atmos surround sound, but how are you playing your media? With a media distribution system, you don’t have to worry about filling your home theater with all the A/V sources you need to enjoy different kinds of entertainment. By connecting individual sources to a matrix switch, you can transmit that signal to outputs throughout your home and conveniently control what media plays where through your home control app. This is valuable not just for your theater, but your entire home, and media distribution is how you’re able to watch and listen to your favorite entertainment in any room of your house.

Climate Control

You never know what the temperature is going to be at the movie theater. It’s going to be cool in the summer, but it can often get so chilly that you end up shivering in your shorts and t-shirt. The heat will be cranked up in the winter, but you can’t adjust that over the course of a two-hour movie (two-and-a-half with previews), which can make for an uncomfortably warm viewing experience. A smart home control system makes it simple to adjust the temperature in your home theater to create the most comfortable environment. You can set the temperate to gradually cool throughout the movie as people’s bodies warm up the room, and if anyone gets too cold, just hop into your app to make a quick adjustment.

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