Save Energy this Winter with Motorized Blinds And Shades

Save Energy this Winter with Motorized Blinds And Shades

Regulate The Temperature Of Your Chicago, IL Home With Smart Technology

January is the time for making commitments that improve your lifestyle, and for a lot of people, money-saving decisions are smart resolutions. One of the biggest expenses when it comes to living in Chicago during the winter is your heating bill, and the frigid temperatures can be brutal for the climate control system in your home. Luckily, there’s a smart home solution that can help you cut down on your utilities spending by adding insulation along with other temperature-regulating features. Keep reading to learn how motorized blinds and shades will keep your Chicago, IL home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Maintain A Consistent Temperature

Your windows are responsible for most of the heat transference that occurs in your home, which is why having motorized blinds and shades is such an effective solution. Your window treatments create an insulating pocket of air between windows and the rest of the room, establishing a barrier that keeps your warm air from leeching outside and cold air from making its way in. That barrier also helps keep cold air inside during the summer, and by blocking sunlight, you’re also diminishing heat gain.

When you’re having people over for entertaining, your home heats up. The stove and the oven are on while you’re preparing food, and as more people show up, their body heat raises the temperature. You want your home to be warm in the winter, but you don’t want people to get uncomfortable. By connecting your motorized blinds and shades to your smart thermostat, you can have your window treatments lift when your room hits a specific temperature, removing that insulation to let some cool air in to chill the space. When the temperature dips back down, your shades and blinds will lower again. You can have this be a regular occurrence in your home, or program specific scenes that only activate this sequence when you’re throwing a party.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

The lights in your home use a considerable percentage of its electricity, but you can cut down on energy consumption with motorized blinds and shades that automatically adjust throughout the day to let in natural light. You can set your window treatments on a schedule that synchronizes their movement with the sun, and by letting in sunlight during the winter, you’re also heating your home.

Ambient light sensors are another option for taking advantage of motorized blinds and shades. These sensors detect the amount of light in a room and make changes so that it is at the ideal level of brightness. You can program your system to lift motorized shades before pumping electricity to your lights, and the brightness of those lights adjusts depending on how much natural light comes in through your window.

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