Top Smart Home Automation Trends For 2019

Top Smart Home Automation Trends For 2019

Enhance Your Smart Home with These Exciting Technology Innovations

Whether you’re considering giving your home a smart technology upgrade or already have a smart home automation system in place, there’s a wide world of opportunities available to help you maximize the performance of your integrated technology. Given the rapid advancement of smart devices and home control systems, there’s always something new on the horizon, and we’re keeping a close eye on the industry’s biggest trends to ensure our Chicago clients get the best service with the most features. In this blog, we look at new communication, wellness, and security technology that will take your smart home automation system to the next level.

Remote Access with Savant

Looking for a solution that provides you with a home automation system with built in remote access? Look no further than a Savant system.

Simple download the Savant Pro application on your smart device and it is easy to control your whole home from where ever in the world you may be. Want to turn up your thermostat before you arrive home after a long day at work? Forgot if you closed the garage on your way out? With remote access these daily hassles become a breeze to manage.

We believe that Savant is a wonderful system that allows you and your family the freedom to experience total home control, even while you’re away.

Feel Refreshed With Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Spending a lot of time indoors can make you feel sluggish and unfocused because you’re cutting yourself off from the wellness benefits of natural sunlight. Thanks to millennia of matching our behavior to the movement of the sun, our bodies’ circadian rhythm, the natural process that stimulates hormone development, is tied to the progression of sunlight throughout the day.

The cool blue light at the start of the day invigorates us and helps us be more productive while the warmer light during sunset helps us relax at the end of a busy day. Circadian rhythm lighting mimics this progression by adjusting the temperature of your lights throughout the day, and you can program your home automation system to match your lights to your schedule so you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Stay Protected With Security AI

Artificial intelligence is changing the smart home automation industry, and security systems are reaping the benefits of machine learning. Residential surveillance cameras are now being outfitted with the technology that has been used in commercial settings for years, using facial recognition, person counting, and improved motion sensing to understand your home environment and more accurately detect anomalies. This means you get fewer false alerts, and some newer security systems allow you to search for specific faces and objects so you spend less time sifting through past footage.

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