Builder’s Guide to Blending Design and Smart Lighting

Builder’s Guide to Blending Design and Smart Lighting

Lincoln Park building and design professionals add value to their homes while drawing in clients with smart home features

If you’re a builder, architect or designer looking to make an impact in the luxury home market, you know smart home features are increasingly in demand. Homeowners are looking to differentiate themselves, while still enjoying all the benefits of automation. An easy and elegant way to astonish your prospective customers is to consider lighting control instead.

Installing smart lighting will benefit both you and the homeowners alike. They gain more control over their lighting design (both indoors and outdoors) and you are able to better blend design and function. Let’s go through some reasons why smart lighting control is a bright idea for Lincoln Park, IL building professionals.

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Something as simple as the bulbs you install in lighting fixtures couldn’t make that big of a difference, right? Not true; different bulbs generate different types of light and make an impact in the aesthetics of a project. That’s why you should always be considering the use of LEDs.

According to some estimates, LEDs use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs; your buyers will thank you for the savings they’ll see on their electric bills. LEDs are also safer to handle than compact fluorescent bulbs.From a design perspective, though, LEDs give you many more options in terms of a home’s interior design.

Barrett’s is proud to be dealers of USAI who offer world class LED lighting fixtures. These fixtures use warm-dimming, tunable white, and infinite color fixtures. Warm-dimming LEDs allow you or homeowners to control the color temperature and light intensity separately, which allows for much more design flexibility. Your clients can create warm, soft tones in the mornings and evening to help them wake up and fall asleep peacefully, then switch to cooler tones when it’s time to be productive around the house.


It’s time-consuming to adjust every fixture in a room or home to get the lighting precisely how you want it. Smart lighting control makes managing a home’s lights as simple as a few button presses, along with the ability to make more precise adjustments.

Many smart lighting systems also allow homeowners to create custom presets for common situations or special occasions. This can be something as simple as one-touch “Away” setting that turns everything off when someone heads off to work, or as complex as an indoor and outdoor “Entertaining” setting to keep the party going.

Smart lighting control has much to offer Lincoln Park builders. To learn more, call Barrett’s expert staff at 630-898-2850 or fill out our online contact form.