The Benefits of a Upgrade For Your Home Network

The Benefits of a Upgrade For Your Home Network

Larger homes with a greater number of Wi-Fi enabled devices put strain on the network of your home, but Barrett’s can help

More and more devices in our homes rely on your home network: Smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, gaming consoles and so on. When you add up all the necessary connected devices then factor in your home automation system on top of that, it’s no wonder you might be seeing some strain on your network.

What’s the best solution? Simple: A network upgrade from our trusted staff at Barrett’s Technology Solutions. Here are three key benefits of a home networking solution for your Hinsdale, IL home.

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When you’re trying to watch a movie, play games online or simply browse the Internet, you expect a quick response time. That may not be the case if you’re relying on a single wireless router to cover your home or you have an unreliable connection. This will cause all sorts of frustrating glitches and even device crashes.

This is especially true when it comes to video streaming. To get the most from 4K video content, you need the right equipment as well as the sufficient network speed and bandwidth. You won’t get that with a subpar network.

A professional network installation alleviates many of these issues. Our staff will take a look at the wiring in your home as well as your modem, router and other equipment to give you optimal speeds and full wireless coverage throughout your home.


The individual elements of your smart home can do a great deal on their own, but unlocking their full potential requires them to work with each other. If your network can’t handle all the connections between your devices, you won’t get the most from your automation system.

One useful system pairing is smart security and lighting control. If these systems are working cooperatively, you can press a single button to activate your security system and turn off your lights as you head off to work. Alternatively, you can create a “vacation” mode for when you’re away that keeps the security system enabled while turning different lights on and off throughout the day, giving the impression that somebody is still home. And if something does go wrong, you’ll get an alert on your phone in seconds.

All the systems in your home increase in value as they become more interconnected, but you can’t enjoy these benefits without the right network linking everything.


Some of the most dangerous security threats in the world today don’t involve any physical danger at all. Instead, these threats come from hackers and other criminals in the digital space in the form of malware, phishing attacks, and so on. This makes having a secure network more important than ever.

To make sure your devices are fully protected, you want to check that your network has the right encryption features and other security measures. Depending on when you installed your network or updated your software, your devices may be at risk.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should talk to our staff about a home networking upgrade. To learn more about Barrett Technology Solutions’ network services, call us at 630-898-2850 or fill out our online contact form.