3 Reasons Lighting Control is Essential for Condominium Projects

3 Reasons Lighting Control is Essential for Condominium Projects

With lighting control, high-rise developers in Illinois’ Gold Coast can cut costs, attract potential buyers and make their buildings easier to manage

From Alexa-enabled speakers to fully automated conference rooms, individuals and businesses alike are clamoring for automated devices to simplify everyday tasks and make life more comfortable. And yet, there’s one area where automation has yet to truly take off: Apartments and condominium developments.

Whether it’s due to budgetary concerns, a lack of technical know-how or the fear of a complicated installation process, the reluctance to embrace automation is a missed opportunity for builders and property managers. Today we’ll be looking at one of the simplest but most effective automation technologies available for condo developers in Illinois’ Gold Coast: Lutron lighting control.

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One of the biggest costs for any home, including condos, is utility bills. Between the costs of lighting the space, running appliances, and heating or cooling the unit, energy costs quickly become a major factor in any potential resident’s financial future.

A Lutron lighting control system makes your individual units much more efficient. LED lighting is 70-80 percent more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they’re safer to handle than compact fluorescent bulbs.

Lighting control also allows your residents to dim bulbs instead of simply having them on or off, and every percentage point of dimming results in an equivalent reduction in energy use for that light. By using sensors and automated schedules, residents will see even greater savings by ensuring lights aren’t on in areas that aren’t being used.


It may seem unlikely at first glance, but lighting control systems can help condo owners live healthier lives. Because LED lights allow for more precise control of light color and intensity, they can be set to mimic the progression of sunlight during a normal day. In turn, residents are better able to synch up with their circadian rhythm, or natural internal clock.

Using lighting control, residents’ lights can gradually increase in intensity and warmth to help them wake up more refreshed. As the day goes on, the light intensity increases and takes on a cooler tone around midday, promoting increased productivity. Come dusk, the lights gradually dim to help homeowners wind down before heading to bed. And thanks to automation, this all happens without the residents having to do a thing.


Home automation systems are quickly becoming a major factor in which homes or condos people choose to purchase. According to statistics from 2017, 69 percent of people in the top 25 percent of earners in the U.S. either own or want to buy smart home entertainment products. Those same people also expressed strong interest in similar technologies, like smart home security systems.

While lighting control systems aren’t entertainment products, they’re an attractive and easy-to-use technology that will set your development apart. Interested buyers will be excited about the efficiency benefits, and they also gain the ability to customize their lighting design. Using dimmers and colored bulbs, residents can create unique lighting scenes perfectly tailored to their needs and taste, which makes them more likely to buy a unit in your development.

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