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Customizable smart home automation at the touch of a button

Automation and Smart Technology Savant Control4 CrestronNo two smart home automation systems are exactly alike because no two households are exactly alike. We at Barrett’s Technology Solutions believe that home automation needs to be fully customized to your needs, which are inevitably going to change as smart home technology and design evolves.

  • Worried that you didn’t lock the doors when you left for work? Load up your smart home control app to secure all the entrances and exits of your home with a single button.
  • Want to turn your living room into a theater? Activate a scene that automatically dims the lights, lowers the blinds, redirects the HVAC, and turns on your television and surround sound system to create the optimal viewing environment.
  • Wish you could watch the Bears game while keeping an eye on the grill? Enjoy an outdoor entertainment system that expands your home’s audio and video capabilities with technology that can withstand the unpredictable Chicago climate.

With over 50 years of experience designing and installing home automation systems, Barrett’s has a deep, multi-faceted understanding of connected technology and how to seamlessly blend it into your home’s aesthetic. We’ve seen this industry undergo a significant transformation, and have eagerly embraced new automation possibilities to ride high on the waves of change. Barrett’s upgrades homes in the greater Chicago area with whole house audio and video, dedicated home theaters, lighting control systems, motorized window treatments, climate control, and pool and spa controls. We understand the distinct design and installation challenges of each component of your smart home automation system, and have developed a process that allows us to smoothly deliver high-quality residential projects.

New smart products are introduced every day, and we give you a home network that can handle all this integration while also protecting potential weak spots created by more connections. In addition to network security, we can also fortify your home with surveillance cameras, automated locks, and sensors that will alert you in case of an emergency.

Custom Programming Makes Your System Unique

Automation and Smart Technology Remote Access Savant Control4 CrestronManufacturers like Control4, Crestron, and Savant create comprehensive, easy-to-use control systems that Barrett’s customizes to suit your specific habits. Our discovery process helps us learn more about how you use your home and how automated technology can make your daily routine easier. We use that information to program a system that will satisfy all your demands.

If you’re a music lover, we’ll give you a multi-room audio system that can access your entire music library from any smart device. If you’re most concerned about safety, we’ll build an extensive security system that warns you in case of an intruder, fire, flood, or other emergencies.  We program the system around your priorities, giving you streamlined control of all the technology you need for a more convenient lifestyle.


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