Energy Savings

Cut costs, lower energy bills and live more comfortably

Energy Savings

Conserving energy at home shouldn’t leave you feeling deprived, nor should it add unneeded stress to your everyday routine. At Barrett’s, we work with you to custom program your home automation system in a way that helps you conserve energy without being uncomfortable or inconvenienced.

Our smart home systems have the ability to control, automate and regulate lighting, thermostats, and other power-hungry devices – enabling you to easily shave money off of your monthly utility bill, simply by creating custom settings, reviewing energy usage data, and adjusting power consumption.

Check out some of our favorite ways you can use your smart home system to promote energy efficiency:

Motion Sensors can be integrated into your home automation system to ensure lights are only on when people are actually in the room; likewise they can also help to combat forgotten light switches – every now and then both young and old forget to turn the light off when leaving the room.

An “All Off” button or programmed “Goodbye” scene can be issued from your remote, in-wall keypad, touchscreen, tablet or smartphone, alerting your home automation system that you are leaving. Watch as your home reacts, powering down unneeded devices, closing your shades, turning off lights, and adjusting your thermostat – instantaneously.

With Barrett’s Technology Solutions, saving money and reducing energy consumption has never been easier.