Remote Access

Control of your smart home at your fingertips, from anywhere

Remote AccessYou receive a text alert while at work; the temperature in the house is on the rise. You access the home network via your smartphone to close the motorized shades and turn the central air on. Or maybe you’re home, prepping for some early evening cocktails – simply tap the screen on your iPad while in the kitchen to browse the family’s shared digital music files, before selecting jazz for your spouse who’s listening to streaming radio on the terrace speakers.

Gone are the days where you need a remote for each device, where you need to walk to a separate room to adjust the music or hide a spare key beneath your doormat; with remote management and monitoring of your smart home, convenience and control has been redefined.

One Touch for Anywhere Access and Control

Virtually any of today’s mobile touchscreen devices including iPhone, Android and tablets, can be enabled as a smart home remote, empowering you with complete control of your home at your fingertips. Remote access eliminates the need for a dedicated panel in each room – truthfully it even eliminates the need for you to be in the room – now you can access and control your smart home technology at any time and from any place.

View footage from security cameras, remotely unlock the door for your child who forgot their key, adjust the thermostat on your drive home from work or turn off that light in the basement you forgot, from the comfort of your bed – whether you are on the go, or comfortably at home, remote management of your smart home will soon become your best friend.