Network Infrastructure

Reinforce your home network to handle all your smart devices

Residential NetworksHaving a strong, secure home network is more critical than ever. As more and more smart devices enter your home, creating new connections can put stress on your network and create vulnerable points that need protection from outside threats.

Consider just how many of your devices connect to the Internet on a daily basis. Computers, laptops, smart phones, and tablets take up much of your bandwidth for web browsing, online gaming, and streaming media, but your wireless speakers and smart TV are also online, often relying on wireless connections that need even more configuration for best performance. Factor in your automated thermostat, security system, and a growing number of smart appliances and you get a sprawling, interconnected system that needs proper management to maintain optimal connection speeds and protect your family’s data.

A home network installation from Barrett’s Technology Solutions fortifies your server so that it can juggle all these connections without any lag. During our home network setup, we determine potential weak spots for wireless coverage and make sure that all spaces of your home have an Internet signal, including outdoor spaces so that you can still access the Wi-Fi when you’re lounging on your patio.

Whether you’re looking for a basic router installation or need an enterprise-class network, we deliver top-quality installation and monitoring to guarantee that homeowners in Lombard, Burr Ridge, Naperville, and the greater Chicago area have a network that meets the demands of their busy lifestyle.


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