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Safety & Security Networks

A smart home brings convenience and comfort to your lifestyle with integrated technology, but most importantly, it can protect your family in the case of an emergency. As a home automation integrator servicing the greater Chicago area since 1966, we help homeowners safeguard their property with security systems that ward off intruders and allow for easy monitoring when the home is unoccupied.

  • Concerned about intruders on your property? Exterior lights and landscape speakers can be connected to motion sensors that will immediately activate lights and sound if there are any trespassers. A message will warn unwelcome visitors that the authorities have been notified, and you’ll be able to check those outdoor spaces from the safety of your home with access to security cameras from your smart device. Those sensors have also become advanced enough that they can tell the difference between humans and animals, so your security system won’t be activated by a stray raccoon in your backyard.
  • Do you and your family take vacations that leave your home unoccupied for extended periods? You don’t have to worry about the safety of your property with a security system that gives you remote access to your security cameras from anywhere with an Internet connection and sends you alerts if there is any unexpected activity on the premises. We’ll also help you create a setting that makes your home appear occupied while you’re gone, adjusting lights, motorized window treatments, and even whole house audio and video to fully sell the illusion.

From mansions in Naperville to luxury condominiums in Lincoln Park, Barrett’s Technology Solutions designs and installs custom smart home security and surveillance systems that give homeowners peace of mind that their space is safe. We incorporate smart locks, sensors, security cameras, network video recorders, security panels, monitoring systems, and more to create a smart shield for your home, which can be fully customized and scaled over time depending on your evolving needs.


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