Whole Home Audio & Video

Multi-room audio and video enriches your entertainment

Whole Home Audio & Video

We’ve grown accustomed to having our media with us wherever we go, carrying entire libraries in our pockets that allow one-touch access to millions of songs, TV shows, and movies. Home entertainment systems are evolving to accommodate this new status quo, giving users the ability to quickly search through their entire digital catalog and play exactly what they want anywhere in the home.

The rise of streaming services and wireless technology has revolutionized whole house audio and video, and manufacturers are regularly introducing new solutions that deliver high-quality sound and picture to anywhere in your home. Your extensive media library is made up of many different components, but a unified home control system brings your iTunes library of downloaded media together with streaming services like Spotify, TIDAL, Hulu, and Netflix to make browsing for the perfect entertainment easier than ever.

Connecting your whole house audio and video to your home control system allows you to customize your media experience to fit your lifestyle. Wake up with a playlist that follows you from the bedroom to the shower to the kitchen, getting you through your morning routine without ever disrupting your groove. Load up a movie for the kids while putting together a plate of snacks in the kitchen, listening to your preferred tunes thanks to your multi-room music system.

Beautiful Sound, Elegant Design

Whole house audio and video doesn’t have to come at the expense of your interior design. We offer solutions that hide sound equipment inside your walls and ceiling, giving you high-performance audio that is entirely invisible. We can seamlessly blend TVs into their surrounding environment, whether that means housing a flat-screen in an elegant frame or incorporating a mechanized lift to hide your television when it’s not in use.

With decades of experience bringing multi-room audio/video systems to homes in Hinsdale, Lombard, Naperville, and the greater Chicago area, we provide high-quality, low-stress design and installation services for new construction and existing residences. We’ll build the perfect control system to meet the needs of every member of your household, providing comprehensive, easy-to-use functionality that is scalable if those demands change in the future. If you want to upgrade from basic volume and picture control to a more advanced keypad or wireless touchscreen system, we’ll be there to smoothly make that adjustment, ensuring that you know how to use your new system to get optimal whole house audio and video performance.

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