Audio Components

Superior accessories deliver maximum performance

High Performance Audio Components

Music simply sounds better when it is being played through performance loudspeakers that are connected to the right components. Feel your stress melt away while you lose yourself in the crystal clear reproduction of the music, without noise or interference. Brilliant audio components are essential to drive and power the speakers throughout the home, and ensure a clear digital signal is transmitted to each speaker, as well as the video display.

Component Systems

When it comes to the heart of your component system, Barrett’s Technology Solutions offer both separate components and integrated amps from some of the finest manufacturers, including Sony, Rotel, Integra, NAD, Classe, Meridian, and McIntosh. Each brand offers distinct features and listening benefits that you can hear when you step up from an all in one receiver to separate components.

Computer Audio

The way we consume audio content has drastically changed over the last decade. What once was an obsession with CDs has transformed into a love affair with convenience – streaming audio services, portable music on smartphones, iPods, tablets, etc. Today’s music collections now live on our hard drives or in the Cloud. So what is computer audio, and why should you care? You may notAudio & Video Interconnects realize it but any device that has a processor, an operating system to manage audio data and allows you to listen via headphones or speakers, is considered a “computer”…so technically you’ve probably been listening to computer audio for quite some time. At Barrett’s we can help you navigate this evolving audio landscape to ensure you benefit from the best possible listening experience each and every time you cue up your favorite tracks.

Quality Audio and Video Cables

For audiophiles and videophiles who demand flawless fidelity from their audio and video systems, high quality A/V and HDMI cables are a must have. We offer a selection of cables that are capable of maintaining the signal quality from the source to each of the connected components, resulting in the best possible sound and picture performance from your system. Allow us to demonstrate the difference a superior cable can make in your system.

Protect Your Gear From Power Concerns

Surge Protectors & Line ConditionersOften overlooked, power protection and conditioning products are important things to consider to ensure clean power is being sent to your gear and the system is protected from external surge events. Barrett’s carries power products from Furman Sound and Panamax to do both. They will protect from sudden surges such as lightning strikes or shorted power lines that can instantly destroy your equipment. And, products with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) technology further protect from a sudden loss of power.

Want to see it all in action? Our Design Center includes multiple listening rooms and our friendly staff is always willing to help you find the right combination of components for your sound system. If this requires comparing various products, not only are we equipped to do this – we love to do it! From improved sound quality, set-up, calibration and more, Barrett’s is your partner in stellar sound.