Big sound from speakers large and small

Bowers & Wilkins SpeakersTower speakers flank either side of the large screen flat panel. A center channel and subwoofer are positioned below the display creating a commanding combination of audio style and performance. Carefully select a record from your collection of vinyl and fill the listening space with the smooth, warm sounds.

High performance audio quite simply provides a better way to enjoy music in any room. HiFi and two channel audio systems combine loudspeakers, subwoofers, dedicated amplifiers, and processors to deliver the highest fidelity reproduction of digital and analogue audio content.

Freestanding loudspeakers come in various shapes and sizes. Barrett’s Technology Solutions offers a large portfolio of loudspeakers from Bowers & Wilkins, Wisdom, and Meridian that look amazing and sound exceptional. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers from Sonance are also a great solution for people who want great sound but don’t want to give up their floor or shelf space to traditional speakers. Almost all in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have paintable grilles, so you can camouflage them in your walls or ceiling.

Don’t Forget the Bass

Subwoofers create the deep bass sound frequently heard in special effects and music. Designed specifically for handling low frequencies at high power levels, subwoofers are the counterpart to the Left, Right, and Surround speaker channels, reproducing bass frequencies not produced by conventional loudspeakers.

Barrett’s is passionate about high performance audio and will help you select a loudspeaker system to match your room and listening preferences. Audition a variety of solutions in person; visit our Design Center to listen to a wide range of high performance audio speakers.