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Transform your entertainment space

Media RoomIt’s the end of the work week, and your family is cozied up on the living room couch to watch a movie. Tomorrow the kids have friends over to play video games, and on Sunday there will be a crowd of football fans gathered to watch the Bears game. That’s a lot of activity centered around your media system, and you need smart home technology that makes it as easy as possible to enjoy your entertainment at the highest quality.

Take your living room to the next level by making it into a multifunctional media room, giving you easy access to movies, music, TV shows, and video game consoles with one-touch control of all components. Barrett’s Technology Solutions delivers world-class media room design and installation to Chicago homes from Naperville to the Gold Coast, helping families make the most of their time with the entertainment that brings them together.

Optimal Picture Quality, No Matter the Space

There are plenty of options when it comes to displays, and we’ll help you find the one that will best serve your media room, whether it’s LED, 4K UHD, or a premium smart TV. Is your screen being used to watch Blu-Ray movies or are you mostly streaming TV shows? Do you have any gamers in the house? Do you want to access media applications from your TV? Each of these answers informs what kind of screen you’ll want for your media room, and we’ll walk you through your options during the design process.

If sports are your passion, we’ll turn your media room into the at-home equivalent of a sports bar with video tiling that allow you to play various games at once. Control the programming of each video tile from a single control system, which also gives you access to the sound so you can switch between the primary audio source.

High-Performance Audio Solutions Tailored to Your Room

Every media room is different, and a vital element of the design is creating the ideal high-performance audio setup for the unique acoustics of the space. We’ll work with your interior designer to determine the best speaker configuration for your room’s dimension, as well as the materials used for furniture, carpets, or drapery, all of which have an impact on how you hear sound. If you don’t want to see your audio equipment, we can install speakers in the walls or ceiling so that they don’t get in the way of your décor.

You’ll work directly with your design-build team to create the perfect media room for your family, and our installation team takes care of all the assembly, wiring, and programming. We’ll then walk you through your integrated entertainment system so that everyone in your household can take advantage of its benefits.


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