Outdoor Entertainment

Weather-proof technology takes media beyond house walls

outdoorChicagoans endure the winter months because the warm season is so rewarding, and you want to spend as much time as you can enjoying your outdoor space before the temperature dips again. An outdoor home theater drastically increases the entertainment capabilities of your porch, patio, or pool area, bringing you high-performance audio and video solutions that are easy to control and protected from natural elements.

Create an Entertainment Oasis in Nature

Start your day with a cup of coffee on your back patio, listening to a podcast played on outdoor speakers or watching the morning news on television. Invite friends over for barbeque, beer, and baseball, never missing a moment of the game while manning the grill. Play music videos while swimming in your pool, then switch to a TV show or movie when everyone is drying off and soaking up the sun.

Ultra-bright outdoor televisions provide a clear picture in broad daylight, automatically adjusting to changing lighting conditions for softer nighttime viewing. You can capture the feeling of seeing a movie in the park from your home in Naperville thanks to the 4K video and surround sound of your outdoor home theater, letting you take even more advantage of those refreshing summer evenings.


Technology That Can Weather Any Storm

Weather-resistant audio and video technology can withstand extreme heat and cold, making it perfect for Chicago’s unpredictable weather patterns. Our outdoor speaker and television installation ensures that all of your wiring is similarly protected from the elements and that each piece of technology is in a location that provides optimal performance. We securely mount televisions in places with the best sightlines, and configure speakers for maximum sound coverage that doesn’t sacrifice acoustic quality.

Your speakers, video displays, and other components connect to the same control system and media server, giving you centralized access to whatever music, TV show, or movie you want to play, wherever you want to play it. With Barrett’s home networking and automation solutions, you gain total control of your outdoor home theater system from a wireless remote, smartphone, or tablet, simplifying your outdoor entertaining with a single app.


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