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Collaborating with design-build professionals for better smart homes

Home automation is changing the residential landscape, and rapid advances in technology require new design-build considerations. Does the firm you are considering have the knowledge and resources it needs to design and install a complex smart home system?

Barrett’s Technology Solutions has been bringing smart home services to Chicagoland homes since 1966, developing a comprehensive understanding of how technology and design inform and enrich each other.

A smart home system should complement the vision of the homeowner and the design team without creating extra headaches for the builders. We help design-build professionals integrate technology into that vision and create an installation plan that works with their construction considerations and schedule.

Expert Design

You can create spaces that directly benefit from the features of a smart home system by working with a home automation integrator at the very start of your new construction or retrofit project. Barrett’s Technology Solutions is committed to collaboration, and we believe that being open to new ideas while always keeping best practices in mind is the most effective approach to executing a smooth, successful installation that satisfies all parties.

Smart home services like lighting control and motorized shades have a significant impact on interior design, and we guide you through all your different options until you find the one that satisfies the needs of your space. Does your client want their living room to be a multi-purpose media room? We’ll help you determine the best place to mount a flat-screen TV and create a speaker configuration that provides the best acoustics for your floor plan.

Impeccable Installation

As Chicagoland’s leading home automation integrator, we pride ourselves on building and installing every system to perfection. This perfection comes from constant, thorough communication, and we keep our design-build collaborators informed about each step of the process so there are no surprises.

Smart home automation and entertainment systems require considerable prewiring, and we make sure that doesn’t interfere with other construction plans. The functionality of your smart home service relies on this set-up, and we put extra care into this aspect of the installation so the end-user can begin enjoying the full features system once the project is complete.