Distinct automation solutions for different residential spaces

Barrett’s Technology Solutions recognizes that residential spaces come in all shapes and sizes, and a spacious single-family house in the suburbs demands a different smart home network than a condominium in a city high-rise. As the leading home automation company for Lombard, Burr Ridge, Naperville, and the greater Chicago area, we understand which systems and devices are ideal for each kind of property, ensuring that homeowners get the most benefits from their smart home technology. 

Single-Family Houses

Suburban single-family houses tend to be the largest homes we service, and they require technology that gives residents quick and easy control of smart home functions from anywhere on the property. 

Savant home automation brings all your separate devices together with a centralized, streamlined control interface, which you can access from Savant’s sleek touchscreen remote or your personal smartphone or tablet. Instead of walking through the house each night to make sure the doors are locked, just access the Savant app to check from the comfort of your bed and automatically secure all entrances with the tap of a button. 

Whole house audio and video paired with a shared media server makes it possible to watch or listen from any space, including outside. For homeowners that want a dedicated entertainment space, our home theater design and installation delivers surround sound, HD video, and luxurious theater seating for a viewing experience that surpasses the cinema.

High-Rise Condominiums

Take your condominium to a new level of elegance with home automation technology that allows you to create specific scenes adjusting lights, climate, motorized window treatments, and other smart home functions all at the same time. Home control systems like Savant and Crestron are fully scalable to meet the demands of the space, and we’re equipped to handle the unique challenges of installing smart home technology in condominium spaces.

Rather than a home theater, you may want a living room that doubles as a multifunctional media room. You can rapidly switch from dinner to movie viewing by changing the scene in your control app, automatically lowering blinds, dimming lights, and turning on audio video equipment so you can jump into your entertainment. Sound equipment doesn’t take up floor space because it’s installed directly inside the wall and ceiling, and we can soundproof your condominium so you don’t have to worry about disrupting neighbors. 

Lakefront Getaways

Make your lake home an even more desirable vacation spot with smart home automation, setting the perfect atmosphere with climate and lighting control and an expansive home entertainment system. Enjoy music, TV, and movies while taking in the lakeside ambiance thanks to outdoor audio video technology, which is built to withstand the potential hazards of a natural environment. 

A security system is essential for a property that isn’t occupied year-round. Smart locks, sensors, and surveillance cameras let you keep an eye on your lake house and will send you an alert if there is any unauthorized activity. There are even automated water valves available that can let you know if there is a flood and shut off the water, preventing any further damage. 

Smart locks are especially handy if you rent out your lake house for part of the year or let family and friends use the space when you’re away. Set a custom code for guests to enter on your door’s keypad when they need to access your property, and then reset the code when their stay is complete. 

Want to learn more about how Barrett’s Technology Solutions can service your Chicagoland residential space? Reach out to one of our experts to schedule a consultation appointment.