Wellness Solutions For A Healthier Home

As much as we love the outdoors, most of our lives are spent inside.  Indoor environments can affect many parts of our lives – and our wellbeing.  Barrett’s is proud to work with Delos, one of the foremost companies in wellness technology.  Delos’ DARWIN Premier is a wellness platform and ecosystem that seamlessly manages vital home functions like lighting, water, and air to ensure that home interiors are optimized for healthful living.  These days, homes need to be more than smart – they need to be healthy too.

Air Purification

Intelligently and efficiently targets particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, allergens, and pathogens

Circadian Lighting

Simulates natural sunlight patterns to help regulate your circadian rhythm, energy levels, sleep quality, and overall well-being

Water Filtration

Healthier, cleaner water throughout the home using advanced monitoring technology augmented with
on-site testing and lab analysis.

Comfort Elements

Architectural details, design, and technological interventions to reduce stress, promote mindful living, and
enhance sleep.

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